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Everything You Need to Know

You love your car. That’s why you are thinking about a fresh coat of paint to keep it looking as good as it runs. Genden Auto Parts in Agawam, Massachusetts can help! Here are a few things shops might not tell you, but you need to know before auto body paint service.

Vehicle Painting Takes Time

Getting your car painted isn’t like getting an oil change. It’s not a routine, in-and-out service. Your provider might need a few days to get the job done properly. There’s a process of steps to go through, including prep, painting, and drying. They have to remove existing layers of paint that may be uneven from years of fading, oxidation, and wear. They may have to remove the interior of the car in preparation. You won’t want to rush that process, or you’ll end up with a low-quality paint job!

New Paint Doesn’t Fix Everything

If your car isn’t looking like it just rolled off the lot, that’s not something paint can fix on its own. While a new paint job can restore a shiny finish, it can’t remove the appearance of scratches, gouges, dents, rust spots, or holes. These problems will need to be fixed prior to getting the car painted to restore a perfect appearance and prevent further degradation. New paint doesn’t just cover things up, it can actually highlight these problems.

Painting Adds Value

Wondering if a new paint job is worth it? Not only does new paint help the appearance of your car, but it can protect its longevity and value! Paint protects the body from rust and damage, and gives the vehicle a flawless appearance that helps when it’s time to resell. You could get higher trade-in value or raise your asking price if your car has a perfect paint job!

Ask the Experts

Want to discuss auto painting options with a professional? Contact Genden Auto Parts in Agawam, Massachusetts! We will be happy to answer any questions you might have about auto painting and discuss the possible benefits for your vehicle. We can give you an idea of what to expect for your specific vehicle’s service, so you know what to expect before getting started!