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Auto Paint Misconceptions

Think you know everything about auto body paint? You might be mistaken! Genden Auto Parts in Greenfield, Massachusetts is clearing up the confusion with these five facts!

Can Bird Poop Damage Car Paint?

No one likes to see the remnants of a flyover on their car. It seems harmless enough, especially since it’s as unavoidable as bug guts on the windshield. But there’s a good reason to clean away bird poop from your vehicle’s body. It contains uric acid, which is strong enough to corrode the paint color! It can wear away the paint sealant, wax coating, or the paint itself. Run your car through a quick wash or wipe away bird poop as soon as you notice it!

Can You Overwash Your Car?

You love your car and always want it to look its best, plus you know that regular washes can protect the paint! What if we told you that washing your car too often is actually bad for it? You could be causing minor abrasion and faster wear to the protective coat, especially if you are not using the right tools for the job.

Does the Paint Job Affect the Value?

When you get your vehicle appraised by an expert, they cover several important factors, including the exterior condition. Depending on the situation, it can greatly impact the value of your vehicle! That’s why professionals recommend service if your car has worn or damaged paint. Quality matters too, so don’t cheap out on a below-average paint job!

Is the Sun Bad for Car Paint?

If you aren’t lucky enough to score a garage spot for your vehicle, you might worry about the damaging effects of the sun on your car’s paint. UV rays can damage vehicle paint just like they damage your skin. It might make the paint duller over time. Keeping the car covered and clean can protect it.

Is Claying Good for the Paint?

Claying removes contaminants on the surface of your car. It can remove dirt and dust trapped in the paint’s finish, but it can also cause micro-scratches on the exterior. Be sure to follow the correct procedure when claying your car and buff afterward.

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