Downdraft Paint Booths Explained

What Is a Downdraft Paint Booth? When it comes to auto body paint, it pays to have professional products and technical skills. Whether you’re looking for a fresh new paint job or a touch-up service after a minor scrape, find out why you need to choose a downdraft paint booth, available at Genden Auto Parts

How To Match Your Car Paint Color

Matching Paint Colors Finding the perfect auto body paint match can be difficult. After a collision, scrape, or rust spot, you need an exact match of touch-up paint to restore a flawless look to your car. Find out why it’s so difficult to find the right paint color and how the professional technicians at Genden

What You Should Know About Hydraulic Hose Failure

How Your Hydraulic Hose Can Fail A hydraulic hose delivers hydraulic fluid to hydraulic components. It’s a flexible hose usually made with several reinforced layers that can withstand extreme pressure. Despite having a durable design and being built with sturdy materials, hydraulic hoses aren’t invincible. They can become damaged and fail over time, especially if

Basic Products for At-Home Detailing

DIY Car Detailing: What You’ll Need Is your car starting to look dirty and cluttered? Or are you getting ready to put it up for sale? If so, it’s probably time to think about detailing your vehicle. While a professional detailing service can get the job done well in minimal time, you can save money

How Detailing Can Help Your Vehicle

Car Cleaning Tips You don’t have to be a car enthusiast to appreciate the value of auto detailing. Whether you are preparing to sell your vehicle, or if you want to maintain and protect it, detailing can only add to the beauty and value of your car. It can be a timely endeavor to do

Why Should You Choose OEM Parts?

3 Reasons to Opt for Quality Parts Vehicle owners have a choice of original equipment manufacturer parts or aftermarket parts for use in most repairs. OEM parts can be the best choice when you need to replace the engine, drivetrain, or other specialized components. Aftermarket parts may cost less or be used to upgrade performance.

When to Paint Your Car

Four Reasons to Get Auto Paint Service Why pay for something you don’t need? It can be hard to tell whether or not a car really needs a new coat of paint. That’s why Genden Auto Parts in Springfield, Massachusetts is sharing a few tips to help you decide when it’s time to pull the

5 Things People Misunderstand About Auto Body Paint

Auto Paint Misconceptions Think you know everything about auto body paint? You might be mistaken! Genden Auto Parts in Greenfield, Massachusetts is clearing up the confusion with these five facts! Can Bird Poop Damage Car Paint? No one likes to see the remnants of a flyover on their car. It seems harmless enough, especially since

3 Things to Think About Before Getting Your Car Painted

Everything You Need to Know You love your car. That’s why you are thinking about a fresh coat of paint to keep it looking as good as it runs. Genden Auto Parts in Agawam, Massachusetts can help! Here are a few things shops might not tell you, but you need to know before auto body