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3 Reasons to Opt for Quality Parts

Vehicle owners have a choice of original equipment manufacturer parts or aftermarket parts for use in most repairs. OEM parts can be the best choice when you need to replace the engine, drivetrain, or other specialized components. Aftermarket parts may cost less or be used to upgrade performance. To help you out, Genden Auto Parts in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, explains three situations in which you might prefer OEM auto repair parts.

You Need Exact Parts

Components in the engine or drivetrain are crucial for keeping a vehicle running as efficiently and reliably as possible. For this reason, it may be worthwhile to use OEM replacements for any precision parts in these systems. Installing exact replacements for faulty parts may help to avoid issues later on that could illuminate the malfunction indicator light or trigger diagnostic codes that indicate a need for further repairs.

You Want To Maintain the Original Build

Vehicles fixed with OEM parts as compared to cheaper aftermarket parts will often end up with higher resale value. This is particularly the case for cars that have collectible appeal, but also extends to popular makes and models. If you plan to sell your car or truck down the road, the buyer will want to know that all the parts are of consistent quality.

Your Insurance Covers OEM Auto Repair Parts

Some auto insurers only cover the cost of the cheapest aftermarket parts for a repair or rebuild following an accident or major damage. If your policy covers the cost of OEM parts, you may prefer these parts to preserve as much resale value as possible. They’ll ensure your car continues running the way it’s supposed to and doesn’t have any premature problems.

You may want to use OEM parts or aftermarket auto repair parts depending on your priorities. Our trained customer service experts can recommend which type of parts might be the best option for a particular fix. Shop the large selection of replacement parts available at Genden Auto Parts in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. Our team is ready to assist you!